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Truth About Creating Successful Events!

Truth About Creating Successful Events!

When you want to create a successful event, you will need to follow through on a few different things. You will want to make sure that you are doing a great job so that you can be proud of your event. There are many things to do and usually little time to get them done in. You will want to make sure that you are patient and using your best judgment so that you can get started with your great planning.

You will want to first make sure that you are setting down and figuring out a plan for the event. There is nothing better than being prepared for something. You want to make sure that you are planning for all the good things as well as all the bad things that can happen. The one thing that you need to do when you are planning a successful event is to make sure that you are realistic. You should be ready for anything and understand that you are going to have problems come up at any time.

You will want to make sure that you are making and following a time line for your special event planning .you want to have everything listed and be ready to take on the challenges of anything that you have to face. If you are thinking that you can take on the difficulty of doing every little task yourself, you should think again. You will want to understand that you are going to have to get some help. You can ask someone else to bear some of the load. There is just no reason why you would have to do everything yourself unless you are truly the only person that is able to help out.

You need to set an agenda and then you should be able to hand out tasks to everyone that is helping out with the special event. You will want to give everyone an assignment so that no one is left out of the preparation. You want to make sure that you are setting guidelines for everyone to follow so that there are no questions asked later and that all of the work is delegated out to everyone.

Getting all of the work done is something that you can defiantly be proud of when it is accomplished. The truth about most successful events is that they almost never get finished completely. There is always something that will come up and make things a little harder to do. However the main thing that you need to do is make sure that you are able to handle anything that is thrown your way so that you can relax and feel confident in your event planning.

Once you have the place, the time, the date and all the major details worked out about the event that you are planning, you can then move on to the smaller things that have to be done. You will want to be sure and make a list of all the last minute items that need to be addressed and then go from there. You will see that there are different things that you will miss and that is ok. Usually no one will even notice and who really cares if they do? As long as the day went well and everyone had fun, this is all that matters.

Take your time and think about your event. After you have done it all, the most important thing is that you have fun yourself. After all, you are the one that has put forth all of the hard work and thought for the successful event. You deserve to have fun and enjoy the party just as much as everyone else. You will feel better once the big day has arrived and things are finally falling into place.

15 Professional Party Planning Tips for Corportate Events

15 Professional Party Planning Tips for Corportate Events

One of the hardest events for most people to plan are corportate events. Even smaller events, for less than a couple hundred people, can be a real challenge if you are not a professional party planner. However, here are fifteen tips you can use to make your corporate party or corproate event a success:

Tip #1 Always take the time to plan ahead. If you will be renting a special venue you will need to secure it as far in advance as possible. Some places can book up even a year in advance. By finding your venue early, and placing your deposit, you can ensure that you get the venue that you want.

Tip #2 When you are planning a corporate event you need to set a very strict working budget and then make sure that you have extra cash for the unexpected expenses. You can be sure that every event will have some unexpected extra expenses, that is just simply part of planning an event.

Tip #3 If you have contracts, agreements, lists, or seating charts, make sure you keep extra copies of them incase they are misplaced or lost. Copying them is very simple and quick and can really save you later on if you loose your plans.

Tip #4 Make sure you send out your invitations at least 3 to 4 weeks ahead of your event. In addition, make sure that you ask your guests to RSVP so that you know how many people will be attending.

Tip #5 If you are creating a seating chart for your event, you can either set it up completely randomly or work with someone else in your company to come up with the best possible scenario.

Tip #6 If you want a good attendance at your event, it is a good idea to schedule it earlier in the week or a long way away from any major holidays. People tend to vacation over holidays and often have plans on weekends, making Friday and Saturday bad days to have a business function.

Tip #7 It is important to know when to use a theme and when not to. A child’s birthday party is an appropriate time to use a theme, while a corportate event requires much less of a theme and more plain elegance than anything else.

Tip #8 When you are having a business event, keep the music mellow and something that everyone can enjoy.

Tip #9 If you will need equipment such as microphones, projectors, speakers, a video camera. etc… you want to make a list of the things you will need and make sure that you also have someone on site who can fix any techincal problems which may come up at the event.

Tip #10 When you are planning an event, especially a large event, make emergency and contingency plans in case of disaster, illness, or any other emergency.

Tip #11 It is important to take into account the special accommodations which will be needed by any disabled attendees. If you do not know what someone will need, you can always simply ask them. They will be happy that you cared enough to ask and understand that you didn’t have any other way to get the information.

Tip #12 If you are planning a very large event, you might want to take a project management approach to it. Use a master plan, and delegate tasks to others where you reasonably can.

Tip #13 If your event will be longer than two hours, your guests will expect at least a snack to eat. You should have a meal if your event is longer than four hours. At all times, you should have at least water and coffee available to your guests.

Tip #14 Communication is a major key to the success of an event. If you are using vendors, make sure they have very clear and specific instructions of what you are expecting of them.

Tip #15 Whenever you plan an event, make sure you take things like transportation, parking, etc… into the equation. The last thing you want is for your guests to have to walk a long way to the event or to go home because they couldn’t find a place to park.

7 Pitfalls To Avoid When Planning Your Event Itinerary

7 Pitfalls To Avoid When Planning Your Event Itinerary

You want to create an event that you can be proud of. You want your event to be a great success so that you can be excited and happy about all the hard work that you have put into the event. You will want to make sure that you have the best strategy so that you are creating exactly what you want and need.
1. You want to picture yourself creating the best event that you can. You will want to allow yourself a lot of time to prepare for the event. If you are not giving yourself enough time to make the event great, you will not have the best situation that you can.
2. You want to make sure that you are sending out the invitations in plenty of time to all the guests. If you are expecting a rasp, you need to make sure that you are giving the guests enough time to do so. This will help you be better prepared for the special event so that you can get ready to have a great and successful time.
3. Be ready for mistakes. Everyone makes a mistake and you need to be prepared for him or her. Things can go wrong at anytime and you want to be sure that you are allowing yourself the time and the help that you need to make it all right. There are things that you can do to get ready for anything that can happen. You want to always have a back up plan ready and waiting for you.
4. Being organized is a great way to avoid pitfalls when you are planning an event. You will want to make sure that you have everything ready for your event. You need to be sure that you are able to get things ready for the big event so that you are not forgetting to do something. You can write things down and make sure that you are crossing them off your list as you go. This is something that will help you keep on track and ready.
5. Create a time line. You should do this for any event that you are planning. You will want to have everything written out so that you are going to be able to expect things that happen. You want to have the time allotted for all the things that are going to happen during the event. You want to allow time in between for the other things that are going to be done during the event.
6. Keep on your budget. If you are not giving yourself a budget at the very beginning of your event, you may be heading for a pitfall. You need to have a set budget so that you are aware of the money that you have to spend. You need to go through and decide what you need and what the cost of everything is going to be. You will then want to shop around and find bargains that will get you the best prices to fit your budget plan. You will find it a lot easier to stay on track and keep your event going as planned.
7. Keep everyone on your staff happy. You want everyone involved getting along and making things run as smoothly as possible. You will feel better and be able to get things moving in the right direction and keep everyone working together. Make the planning environment a great place to be so that everyone is up beat and ready to make this a great event planning process.
Getting a great event together is something that you can depend on when you are using all the tools and method needed to make it great. You will be happy and so will your guests with the great presentation that you have worked so hard on.

Managing An Event For 10 people versus 100 !

Managing An Event For 10 people versus 100 !

When it comes to planning a small event and a big event, you will notice a huge change. You should be aware that it will make the entire planning process change. When you have a small event, you can plan with a breeze, but when it comes to planning for larger events, you should know that it comes at a very different price.

The most important thing about planning a smaller event then a bigger event is that you don’t have as much as a hassle with details. Small events are often casually planned because they are usually your friends and they sympathize with you. However, when you have guests that hardly know you, it’s a big deal about everything. You should know that there are quite a list of things that you need to do to have a fabulous party event, however, when you are only caring for ten people, you tend to overlook the smaller details. When it comes to managing a smaller event you are able to make quick decisions, but when you have to throw a party for 100, your options are limited.

That’s the next point; with bigger parties your options are limited. You can’t just decide one day that you would like to have duck and then the next have ham. If you are getting it catered, the supplier will tell you that your requests can not be dealt with in such a small time, however, they can easier find the foods that you wish to have for a small group of ten. Also, with the food comes the drinks and that can be quite an expense. You should know that an open bar can be expensive even for ten, but it can be even more costly when it comes to asking for a cash bar. So the solution to your problem for both cases is to limit your drinks. With a small party you can have two or three different kinds, but with a larger party, you may have to offer more. Depending on your guests, the event, and the budget, the drinks could be less than expected for any type of party.

Once you have gotten over the food and drinks, you then have to think about the seating. Not only do you have to plan to sit ten people, but ten times that. However, when it comes to seating, the larger events have the upper hand. You are able to be able to place your guests with either people they like or don’t know, but can easily avoid those who despise each other. This can be a blessing if the event happens to be something like your wedding.

The budget is tightly effected by the size of the event. The smaller the event the smaller the budget can be, but you can spend and pay close attention to details with a smaller event. You will find that a small event can be one hell of a party, but with the larger parities, you tend to skip out on great ideas simply because they didn’t fit into the budget. When it comes to budget, the smaller parties are in the lead, but there are so many discounts that you can get in bulk that the two options are almost tied.

There are so many more factors of planning an event that is affected by the size of the event. Usually smaller has a lot of benefits to the guests and the planner, but there are times that you just need to have a grand celebration and you need to be prepared to sink in the time to plan the event as well.

Access Control: Who Has Access To Registrant Data?

Access Control: Who Has Access To Registrant Data?

As a busy event planner – in seemingly endless contact with venues, catering companies, and the oh-so-demanding event sponsor – can you afford to spend time developing registration spreadsheets, keeping track of each registrant’s information, recording travel and hotel details, and taking and processing credit card info? For most event planners, the answer is a resounding no. The process of registration is often the straw that breaks the camel’s back, causing an event planner’s stress level to rise to supreme heights. Keeping track of all the technicalities of registration is a full time job that many planners are still attempting to juggle along with planning the event itself.

So, with the vast reach and simplicity of the internet, why are so many event planners hesitant to switch to an online registration company that will take care of all these technicalities for them?

The answer is simple: they either don’t know about it, or they are worried that such companies could in fact complicate their lives. How can I know that information being put out on the internet will be safe? What if my registrants’ information is compromised? Will the online registration company use or sell my registrants’ information after they have it in their System? With the right company, all of these questions can be avoided because registrants’ information will be secure and held safe for the sole use of the event planner. Even more importantly, with the right registration company, credit card information will be encrypted to the highest degree allowed by law, guaranteed by a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption testing company, such as Thawte.

Once you have chosen a company that you know to be secure, you will enjoy features such as an event website with its own URL for registration, custom reports, and the ability to export reports to a wide variety of formats. Using a safe and secure online registration system can simplify the event planning process while increasing registration! And you can be sure that registrants’ personal and financial information will be protected at the highest possible levels. Registrant and event planner information that is protected to the highest degree possible offers you a guarantee that the information will be stored exclusively for the event planner’s use and will only be stored as long as is necessary. Holding to such standards, ensures that the event registration system is highly resistant to any breach, but if a breach does, in fact, occur, the system will have been monitored so effectively that it can be traced a remedied with accuracy and speed. A vulnerability recovery plan like this one is an essential part of upholding a strong security system to ensure that the system will not be breached. Your registrants will know that their information is safe.

Manually collecting registrations has long been one of the most tedious jobs involved in the event planning process, but it is no longer necessary for event coordinators if they choose a company that will offer the highest possible level of security so that they can enjoy the ease of use of such a comprehensive online registration system. With no need to worry whether or not their information will be hacker-safe, registrants will flock to your event because registering online is truly a far easier process than completing registration be old-fashioned snail-mail. Although giving up control over such a vital piece of the event planning process can be a frightening concept, doing your research to find a company that offers the strongest security for your registrants’ data, will save you time to deal with all of the other details of planning your next fantastic event.

Planning the perfect party or event

Planning the perfect party or event

The top ten tips of planning your own party

Five do’s of party planning

1) Do –prepare so you can be a guest at your own party

Prepartion is the key to success so plan, plan, and plan. You will have to plan everything down to the last detail if you want to create the wow factor. Plan details such as

-Invitations -props to create atmosphere
-Venue -parking
-Catering -level of noise
-theme/style -entertainment
-Hire equipment -licence for alcohol
-Table decoration -lighting
-event schedule -get your timings right on the night

2) Do-organise, organise, organise

Organise your event; there is nothing more disappointing than a disorganized, chaotic event both to the guest and the host. Organization will provide a well orchestrated, smoothly run enjoyable event.
If organization is not your strength either delegate or use tools to help such as lists, diaries, timetables or a party planning service such as

3) Do-add a theme or style as it gives the event focus

Decide on a theme or style, it enables the event to be planned around it and gives the whole event focus and cohesion. For example do you want the event to reflect your personality or a special occasion so that you can make the event memorable for all the right reasons!

4) Do-plan ahead and stick to timeframes

Keep to timeframes especially if you want a choice of items and entertainment for your event.The invitations should be sent out with enough time for people to RSVP but not too early that they will forget about it altogether. Equipment hire definitely needs to be ordered well in advance especially if it is more specialized such as casino tables or live bands

Catering is also well worth having organized and ordered in advance otherwise it ends up looking as if you have thrown together a few frozen sausage rolls and watery quiches.It goes back to planning and organizing well in advance and doing everything in a sequential order.

5) Do-delegate

Delegation is essential to allowing the host the luxury of feeling relatively stress free and relaxed on the evening.If you know family and friends that are willing to help and they have particular skills then delegate that task to them. If someone within your family and friends is a great cook then get them involved in the catering. If another family member has an interest in flower arranging then you may wish to involve them in the table decorations.

Definitely delegate as many tasks as you can but a word of caution will be to check regularly on progress and oversee the final items. Try to give clear instructions and timescales to others as they may not understand your schedule or vision.

Five don’ts of party planning

6) Don’t-panic, keep your cool

If you follow the top ten tips then the party will run smoothly. If you indulge in panic then you end up being incapable of enjoying yourself on the night. Try to keep all the planning and organization simple and definitely keep it within your capabilities. Remember to keep the event in perspective as even if it is an important the focus is for people to enjoy themselves including you.

7) Don’t-exceed the budget

Stick to your original budget. When setting the budget for your party ensure that a realistic budget is set and that everything you want to provide such as catering, alcohol and entertainment are included in your calculations. Shop around and get the best price from the suppliers for your money without compromising on quality.

If on a small budget then keep it simple, adding a few luxury items such as snacks,drinks or decorations will definitely add to that wow factor.

8) Don’t-try to achieve the impossible

Throwing money at something doesn’t equate to success, people will appreciate the small attention to detail rather than showy extravagance. The lavish showbusines events are usually organized by experienced professional party planners with plenty of expertise. So don’t plan something that is going to make you feel out of your depth or enlist the assistance of a party planning

9) Don’t-underestimate

Always be sure of the numbers of guests and all of their special needs such as dietary requirements. Always check the resources before the event and that your suppliers are still able to do the job required as there have been occasions when the caterers have been unable to provide the food and guests have had to eaten Chinese take away!!

Also check timings and the event schedule for the night and try and stick to it as there is always someone who drinks too much or turn up unannounced or things just take longer than anticipated.

10) Don’t-forget yourself

If the event is a special occasion don’t leave your personal preparations to the last minute as you may well be needed to sort out any last minute problems at the event.
Above all –don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

What To Look Out For When Choosing Your Event Venue

What To Look Out For When Choosing Your Event Venue

You need to be careful when you are planning an event of any type. There are so much to do and so many different mistakes that you can make at the same time. You will find that it is easy to get lost and lose your sense of great ideas early in the event planning process. You want to try and make the most of the ideas that you have so that you can make this type of event the most successful and memorable for everyone.
You must make sure that your event is taking on the personality that you want. You do not want to shock anyone with a totally different venue that they are not going to love. Your biggest feat is to make sure that everyone is going to have a great time so that this can be the best party of the year. Doing this does not have to be hard. In fact, you can have the most talked about party of the year if you really set your mind to it.
You need to look out for certain things when it comes to choosing your event venue. You need to be sure that you are planning fun for everyone. You need to have the event jam packed with fun and excitement so that anyone that attends is going to have something great to do. They will be excited to be there and afterwards, they will be glad that they came.
Another thing to look out for when you are planning a great event is the food. You need to make sure that you are able to find a menu that everyone is going to love. You will want to meet the needs of all the different types of guests to ensure that they have the best dinner that they have ever had. If you are having children at your party, you will want to accommodate their needs as well. You will certainly want something great for them to munch on.
You should also make sure that the area that you have the event is going to be best for the occasion. You need to find somewhere that will fit all of your guests comfortably so that no one is uncomfortable and feeling like they are cramped together. The most room that you have will mean that the more people you can invite. Remember that you want to make sure that you are using a place that will keep your guests in one area and allow them to mingle, as they should be. You will see that your guests will have a better time if they are all meeting and chatting along in the same area. You do not want them to be scattered around or separated.
Getting what you want from your event is not going to be easy. You will have to make sacrifices and use a lot of your resources. You may also have to hire someone to help you along and get you through this difficult time. When you are able to find some help with your event, you will feel a lot better and you may also see that your event goes a lot smoother as well. This is something that you can be proud of and excited about at the same time. Planning a great event that has minimal flaws is not easy, but it something that you will be proud of at the same time.
Getting there to the perfect party is something that will be grueling and of course you are going to make mistakes, however you will learn from it and do better the next time you are planning the perfect party.

Creating An Ambiance – Event Planning Decoration Ideas

Creating An Ambiance – Event Planning Decoration Ideas

You’ve sent out the invitations, prepared all of the food, stocked up the liquor cabinet and somehow it still doesn’t seem as though you are having a party. You forgot one very important detail when you were doing your event planning and that detail was decorations.

Decorations can make or break a party. Just ask any child who has been to a birthday party that was void of balloons and streamers. They’ll have a good time, but without the celebratory environment, there is an important aspect missing.

When you are handling the event planning for your gathering, it’s important to consider if decorations will add to the experience. You wouldn’t want to hang banners or wear party hats during a dinner party with your business associates, but if you are throwing a Valentine’s Day Bash, or a picnic to celebrate your nation’s birthday, decorations can create a fun and festive mood.

During the event planning stage consider what you would envision the room or venue to look like. By doing this you can get a better sense of what you will require once it comes to purchasing the decorating supplies. If it’s a children’s birthday party, for instance, you’ll want brightly colored balloons, a banner with the words “Happy Birthday” written along it and perhaps even a piñata. A piñata automatically symbolizes a celebration and during the party it becomes a festive focal point as well as being a game and source of hidden treats for the children as the party winds down.

Halloween parties also are much more enjoyable when there are decorations adorning the walls. Netting that resembles spider webs can be purchased for a very reasonable price at many event planning stores. There you’ll also find plastic spiders and pumpkins of all sizes that will get your guests into a ghoulish mood. You can even purchase replica cauldrons that can hold snacks in lieu of a regular bowl or serving platter. It adds to the tone of the party when small details like that are incorporated.

Decorations don’t need to be bright, colorful or attention grabbing. In the case of an intimate dinner party or cocktails with colleagues, a vase of fresh flowers adds a special touch to the room. It speaks of attention to detail and your guests will appreciate your gesture. You’ve shown them that you’ve taken time to add something special to the room. Their presence deserves that.

Regardless of what type of event planning you are doing, adding an extra touch to the aesthetics of the room will not only charm your guests but it will speak to the importance you place on the event. It doesn’t need to be dozens of balloons or streamers hung from the rafters but it should add to the mood of the party and the environment. When you are handling your event planning, don’t overlook the look of the room. Appropriate decorations should be near the top of your list.

Vacation Event Planning on a Budget

Vacation Event Planning on a Budget

Deciding to take a vacation can be one of the most fun things that you ever do in your life for yourself and for your family, however, event planning for the big vacation can be a big problem altogether. If you’re trying to decide what would be fun for the whole family, yet are also trying to stick to a budget then there may be some conflicts with those two ideas. Nevertheless, though, event planning on a budget and choosing a fun place for your family is definitely possible, but it only take a little bit of creativity and ingenious thoughts to pull off!

How Much Money to Spend

One of the definite things that you should consider when event planning for your vacation is how much money you’ll spend in order to make it happen. Of course, how much money you spend involves the transportation getting to and from the place where you and your family will be staying, spending money on the trip for souvenirs and other gifts, as well as money for necessary expenses like food should all be separated into separate categories and divided up before the whole family goes on vacation. Deciding how much money is spent for the whole vacation and making a list of all the things that are important, such as those expenses described above, is very crucial to your event planning budget plan!

Decide How Long You’ll Stay

Event planning for any type of vacation can be a difficult thing to do, but the first and foremost deadline that you’ll want to set if you do have a budget is how long you’ll stay at your destination. Many people simply think that they can plan open-ended vacations with no set departure date (especially if a car is being driven for transportation) but sticking to the budget should be the best plan possible if you don’t have that much money already in the bank! Your whole vacation doesn’t have to be ruined just because a deadline is set for the end of your vacation, but deciding when you’ll leave your vacation is important to getting back home to school and work!

Giving Children Allowances

Vacationing for the whole family can often be a difficult thing to do. When event planning for the whole family’s vacation, though, if it’s important to stick to a budget then it is also important to make your children realize that there is a limited amount of money and resources that they are allowed to spend while on vacation also. Even though they may not realize the concept of a budget when taking your vacation (depending on how old they are), one good technique to use is to actually give them their whole allowance for the week and tell them that it is their budgeted allowance. This way when they spend it all they will have to realize that all they had was all the money that you did give them.

All in all, event planning for a family vacation doesn’t have to be a difficult task, although many people choose to make it one. Deciding on the specifics of a vacation, though, if a budget has to be stuck to, is a very important principle to not overspending!

Event Planning: Hiring an Assistant

Event Planning: Hiring an Assistant

Chances are that if you have ever been in charge of event planning then you some that it takes some major discipline in order to be able to pull it off. There are plenty of good things about having a lot of event planning experience, although many people and even professional event planners feel the strain of all the responsibilities and duties at some point in their career. If this is your case, though, one option that you may have is to actually hire an assistant so that more things will get done on a regular basis without shouldering all of the responsibilities yourself. Here are some good reasons, though, that you might want to hire an assistant for your event planning business career:

Two Heads are Better than One

One reason that you may want to hire an assistant is so that you’ll have a person to bounce ideas off of. When it comes to brainstorming and thinking of ideas for specific events there may not always be someone there for you to bounce ideas off of. On the other hand, hiring an assistant will provide you with someone to brainstorm with and that person will actually be able to give you their full thoughts on the issues as well! It’s always a good thing to be able to think with two different minds and an assistant can help you do just that.

More Things will Get Done

Another reason that hiring an assistant is a great idea is because it will allow you to get more things done then you have time for. Everyone only has twenty-four hours in a day, which makes getting everything done at once almost impossible to do. On the other hand, an assistant will be able to run errands, make sure that props for the event are set in place, as well as provide the guests of honor with their essential information as well when it’s time to do so.

When hiring an assistant, though, one thing to remember is that you don’t necessarily need to pay them a whole lot in order to get their help. Of course, if you’re a large event planning business then chances are that you’ll actually be able to afford to pay the assistant a decent wage, but it definitely is not required. Another tip that event planning professionals should remember is that assistants, even though they may be your best friend eventually, are not the owners of the business. Even though they may help guide you into good decisions to make, assistants should not be allowed control over any aspect of the business simply because it was not created as a partnership in the first place.

Of course there are always going to be advantages and disadvantages of hiring an assistant anyway. If you’re the type of person that actually needs an assistant because you may just lose your head because it wasn’t attached to your body (i.e. scatter-brained) then hiring an assistant may be the best thing for you. All in all, though, hiring an assistant for your event planning business needs to be handled with the utmost care!