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What You Need To Do To Get Your Dream Wedding 3

What You Need To Do To Get Your Dream Wedding

Planning a wedding can take an enormous amount of time, energy and effort. From choosing invitations to finding the perfect dress, this major life event comes only once in a lifetime for many people. The information in this article is designed to help you in making sure that every detail is taken care of in the most economical and efficient way possible, whether your guest list includes 10 or 1,000.

Go to several different shops when you are looking for your dream wedding gown. Although you find one that you think is just what you are looking for at one place, there may be an even better one for a better price somewhere else! It is always better to be safe than sorry!

If you are a bride, keep your jewelry minimal on your wedding day. A bride is wearing a gorgeous gown, her hair is perfect, her skin is glowing. She doesn’t need an overwhelming amount of jewelry to make her shine because she already does that on her own. Wear a couple of special pieces and keep them minimal. Let all eyes be on you, not your jewelry.

There is no requirement that you have to have a “white wedding.” Try to make your wedding reflect who you are as a person and make it fun instead of stressful. There are so many ways you can create a wedding from just your own personal interests and favorite colors. Don’t be afraid to go non-traditional.

Decide on a child policy for your wedding and stick to it. Keep it the same for everyone but you need to realize that some of your guests may get upset if they see that someone was allowed to bring their child when they were not. You can either allow children to attend, have an adult only wedding or provide child care at your event.

Ask your wedding guests to RSVP for the big day as soon as they possibly can. Understand that some people may need to wait to make sure they can get time off of work, but it’s important for you to get a head count as early as possible to know how much to spend on food and other planning.

A wedding day often seems like a stressful time, so try to plan the wedding for a bit later. This will give you time to get everything you need done without having to wake up at 4 in the morning and looking exhausted. If possible, do something relaxing for yourself.

If you need to cut costs on your wedding day, think about which items can serve a dual role at your event. For example, buy water bottles for your guests and add a personalized label to them. Not only can they be handed out as wedding favors, but they also provide refreshment during the reception.

No matter how large or small, your wedding is an event that you want to be perfect, right down to the smallest detail. Whether you’re getting married for the first time or the third, a wedding still takes months of planning and preparation. The time-saving tips contained in this article can guide you in making the smartest choices and help you to avoid any last-minute emergencies.

Common mistakes to avoid during a corporate event

Common mistakes to avoid during a corporate event

One of the greatest factors influencing the success of a corporate event planner is the experience acquired from previous engagements. There are just some things that can only be learnt through experience, with no amount of preparation adequate. This is precisely why some organisations have a preference to engage corporate event management companies such as Chillisauce, so as to ensure a successful and hassle-free event.

Nevertheless, as a corporate event organiser, we are open to sharing experiences with our clients with the aim of enhancing customer relationships. Thus, the following insights are some of our inputs on critical mistakes that should be avoided by anyone organising a corporate event.

More time for planning

Even if your corporate event may just be for two days, extensive preparations prior to the event will be required. Activities will need to be planned out, participants need to be confirmed and facilities as well as equipment need to be prepared in advance. Thus, it’s always advisable to have more time to plan for an event so as not to be caught unawares in any situation.

Activities should not be rushed through

Amidst budget and time constraints, many events have been organised to rush through a tight schedule without any time for recreation and rest. Therefore, the event turns out to become a stressful time rather than an enjoyable weekend. This defeats the purpose of running the corporate event in the first place, which also translates to a waste of money.

Control the booze

Although most employees may expect alcohol as part of the package, it may be wise to put a cap on alcohol consumption during corporate events. Many organisations had learnt it the hard way when intoxicated employees started behaving inappropriately during an event, disrupting other employees in the process. Furthermore, any team building exercise involving physical activities after alcohol consumption may place the company at risk of employees hurting themselves.

Set aside budget for a good event facilitator

The engagement of a good event facilitator for a beneficial and enjoyable event has always been overlooked. Indeed, a good facilitator will possess the skills required to ensure that all participants take part in the various activities. His or her good communication skills and team building content knowledge will ensure that the purpose of the event is achieved.

Learn from the Olympics How to Organize your Events: Part 1 of 3 – Planning Event Logistics

Learn from the Olympics How to Organize your Events: Part 1 of 3 – Planning Event Logistics

With the Winter Olympic Games in Torino underway, on time and over budget, it feels like a good time to take a minute and look at the lessons the Olympics have to teach us about managing events. To be fair, the Olympics are a massive set of groups with multiple venues hosting simultaneous events with visitors from all over the world. To make matters worse, you only get to do it once, you prepare for years leading up to it, when it arrives you try the best that you can to control the chaos for just over 2 nonstop weeks and then, in a blink of an eye, it is over. While there is a chance that your children or grandchildren will be involved in hosting the Games again, for most people involved there is no next time.

It is still too soon to look closely at what has and has not worked for the Winter Games in Torino. It is not until all the smoke has cleared that they will know how the event really went. I did however, have the good fortune of being involved with hosting the Salt Lake Winter Games (2002) while I was a college student in Provo, UT. Those Olympics are now four years old and time has given us a great perspective to glean some valuable lessons from them and the way that they were managed.

For the sake of learning, let’s skip past the Olympic bid scandal and look at the things that were done right for those games.

Let’s start with logistics in this part of our series – I-15 was under construction for years before the Olympic Games were held, but more importantly, some one had clearly thought out the most popular routes to the venues and where people would be going within the venues. The roads were modified to accommodate the increased traffic and the venues were laid out with the fans in mind. I spent most of my time during the 2002 Olympics at Soldier Hollow, the Cross Country Ski and Biathlon Venue. You could tell that time was spent to design the venue in such a way as to give the fans the most access to the course while making it a great course for the athletes competing. Often times this is a detail that is overlooked for smaller events. The venue will be decorated in a manner that looks great, often times at the expense of functionality.

It is also important to take the time to think through how people are going to arrive and leave your event. Look for things that might make it harder for people to attend and try to handle those issues in advance. I was involved in an event once where there was construction on the primary route. Since the location was vaguely familiar to most of the people attending we sent out flyers warning people about the construction and advising them of alternate routes that were available. Printing little maps on the back of your tickets is also a great way to help people get to your event.

The goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to 1) get to your event and 2) do what you want them to do when they arrive.

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Tips To Help You Plan The Perfect Wedding (3)

Tips To Help You Plan The Perfect Wedding

Many people would say that marriage is one of the biggest life steps a person will go through. Unfortunately, planning a wedding can at times be a daunting and exhausting event to plan. The cost of weddings and intense planning can stress even the calmest of individuals. This article contains advice and tips to help you plan a beautiful wedding with ease.

Hire a wedding photographer who will help create memories, not just take pictures. When you are interviewing your photographer ask questions about how they see the day going. Question how they flow through the wedding day in their process. It is important to know what their style is and how it will impact your wishes for the events of the day.

If you are planning on bringing a new couple a very large gift to their wedding you should rethink that decision. They will have a hard enough time trying to keep everything organized without having that to worry about. To make things easier on them you should send the gift by mail.

Many of the guests who come to your wedding will have to go out of their way to fit the event into their schedule, or have to make costly travel arrangements. To show your appreciation, you should plan to send all of your guests personalized thank you notes. This is a great way to show how much it meant to you that they came to the wedding.

Plan well in advance. You might think that a year is a long time to plan a wedding, but if you wait you’ll find that venues and service providers cost more and become unavailable with short notice. Start planning as soon as possible so that more choices are available to you.

A good thing for the bride to keep in mind when it comes to weddings is to consider hiring a makeup artist to take care of any makeup needs for the big day. This is important because this way you can ensure that you look your best for you big day.

For your first song as a couple, use something that is not only popular but has a lot of meaning for you and the person that you love. Play the first song that you ever danced to or a song that reminds you of that person to make the best of this moment.

When planning your wedding, you need to talk with your partner about what they want. A man might be tempted to let his future wife decide, and a woman might be tempted to take the lead. Make sure everything is a common decision and that you will both enjoy this special day.

As was discussed at the beginning of this article, a wedding is a momentous occasion, but is ridden with a plethora of decisions and expenses. Avoiding the stress associated with planning weddings can be difficult for many. Apply the advice from this article and you will be on your way to planning a great wedding.

The Planning of a Bridal Shower!

The Planning of a Bridal Shower!

Planning a bridal shower? Maybe a dear friend or even sister is getting married and you are in charge of planning the bridal shower? Bridal showers are customary and traditional. They aren’t all about the bridal shower gifts though! They are a way to welcome new family members and celebrate a new beginning for the couple. But, they can also be fun if planned to be.
Start with the bridal shower invitations. You can purchase these from any department store with a card section or you can make them yourself using the computer. Either way, make them bright and colorful. Next consider what bridal shower games you might play. Some bridal showers are formal in that there are large amounts of people and a nice dinner atmosphere. Then, there are those that are more relaxed and laid back. At these, bridal shower games would work well. You can find games to play at the craft store or search for free bridal shower games online.
More things to consider when planning a bridal shower are bridal shower favors and even bridal shower themes. Many couples have a theme for their entire wedding. While this can simply be nothing more then a color pattern, they can also be characters and ideas. An example would be a Disney theme or a dove theme. Incorporate this theme into the bridal shower is possible.
Bridal shower favors can be a great way to allow people to remember the event years later. Often these small gifts given to the guests are ceramics, trinkets, or even just simply sweets. You can find ideas that will suit your theme or your tastes in craft stores or even in some mall stores. Often times, people will attach a small message with their names and the date and event title to the favor as a keepsake.
There are many bridal shower ideas available to those looking. Several sources for more information include the public library and the Internet. You can find a lot of information at your fingertips no matter what you are looking for. Making a bridal shower memorable is a great way to honor those you love who are getting married. Taking the time to plan a bridal shower will give you the opportunity to enjoy it as well.

Learn What Makes An Event Stand Out And Talked About By Your Peers

Learn What Makes An Event Stand Out And Talked About By Your Peers

Having the best event that can be enjoyed by all is not always something easy to do. You have to do a lot of hard work and research to try and make your event one that will be talked about by all your peers. You want the party that you plan to have an all the things that you want and so much more. This will be the equation that will end up getting you the most spectacular party that you can be proud of.
When you are looking to have your event stand out from all the rest, you want to do a few things first. You want to think of ways that you can bring some fun and excitement to your special occasion. You want to add some flair to the party so that you can take your guests by surprise. You want them to be thrilled by coming to your party. By adding some of the flair that you want, you will be bringing life to it for everyone.
The most that you can do for your event to be special is to plan. You will do more planning than you have ever done before because you want this time to be special. You want your event to be the most talked about time of the year. You want to put a lot of your heart and soul into this so that you are giving it your all and ending up with the best-finished product that you can have. You will have something that you can be proud of and feel good about.
Having everything planned out is the best way to run a well-organized party. You will have certain times for everything. You want to have a time schedule and make sure that everyone follows it. This will give you the best results because you will have a time for everything so that you are not missing anything or running behind schedule.
You may want to add a few surprised into your party planning. Throw in some sort of fun and excitement that will grab your guest’s attention. You will want to bring some excitement like a special guest. This would mean that maybe you bring someone that your friends and family have not seen in a long time. Maybe this person is a long time friend that you have not seen in a long time. You may also want to hire an entertainer that will bring some life to the night. You should think about the type of party you are having so that you can bring in the best entertainment that will add the most profit to your night.
The most important thing is to have your guests leave with the feeling of a great time. You want them to talk about the night for a long time. Of course you want your guests to be talking good things about it and not saying how boring it was or that they had a bad time. Getting something that will be a surprise or fun to the guests will be the one thing that can grab their attention and get them motivated to have fun.
Food is another great part of the party. You want to make sure that you are planning the best menu that you know your guests will absolutely love. You want to think about the people that are coming and what you think will be the best meal for them. You may want to add a few of the typical menu favorites to the menu. Think about comfort foods and party foods at the same time. Bringing these ideas together will get your partygoers gathered around the food table.
The right drinks will also be a good party idea. You want to give your guests a great choice that will leave them feeling good and having a great time. This is the most important thing about your party and that is to make sure all your guests have fun. You will feel like you had the perfect party with great success when you hear that you had the most talked about party of the year.

Party Your Boss Will Love

Party Your Boss Will Love

Just because a party supposed to be fun it doesn’t mean you don’t have to take planning it seriously. Yes, the more carefully you plan your next party the more likely it becomes the party your friends will talk about for a long time to come.

What makes a good party? The right answer is “It depends.” Yes, it depends on what the party is supposed to accomplish. You must know the purpose for your party. Based on the reason of your party you can start planning. If you want to impress your boss, you will throw a very different party than if you wanted to impress your girlfriend.

Some parties have a more functional purpose than others. If you are planning a party to invite your boss and coworkers to help you get that promotion you have always wanted, you have to make sure they are having a good time. You have to find out what it is they consider a good time. You should research the kind of food they like and the kind of drinks they enjoy the most. If they enjoy your party you will most likely grow in their eyes.

A party with your boss is normally not what people would consider a “wild” event. Normally, it is considered a business function than a totally relaxing event. Think of it as an extension of your own promotional system. During a party like this you are working. Your preparation should be similar to the preparation of a good business presentation. Often, your boss wants to know that you know how to have fun without being out of control.

If you are inviting friends or family to the party make sure they will not embarrass you, because the results could be devastating. You don’t want to be embarrassed by people losing control because they think that’s what a party is all about.

Corporate Event Managers – Why You Need One

Corporate Event Managers – Why You Need One

Corporate events are a showcase for your products and services. You will expect thousands of current as well as prospective customers and clients to show up. For a corporate event to be a success, you need a well planned, well organized, and a well-executed event. For this, you need the services of a professional Corporate Event Managers. Whether the corporate event is a business or a social one, a large or a small one, a formal or an informal one; regardless of the objective, it requires to be planned well with the help of professional and experienced corporate event managers.

With your company hosting the corporate event, you would have decided whether to plan the event yourself or to hire the services of professional Corporate Event Managers. Of course, you may feel that most of you have planned some event or the other; a meeting with your business associates, a get-together with friends and family, and so organizing a corporate event would be the same. A corporate event is not similar to organizing get-togethers and meetings. The role of corporate is not small and any mistake on this front could cost you dearly.

There are many advantages in hiring Corporate Event Managers. They bring in a number of assets, skills, services, and economical advantages that only with the experience and expertise of professional Corporate Event Managers.

Corporate Event Managers- Adding Value to Corporate Events

Whatever the objective of your corporate event, they require some value additions that are dependent on Corporate Event Managers:
• Corporate Event Managers are adept in visualizing what type of event will suit your objective. They have extensive experience in presenting creative suggestions and various alternatives, as well as having a vision of what the event should look like. A professional event manager also has the ability to execute, successfully, the vision of the client, and alternatively present a vision that will meet the desires of the client.
• Implementation of the vision involves coordination of goods and services. Corporate Event Managers have the experience and knowledge of all the goods and services that will be required to implement the vision, including location, registration, food and beverage, food service, entertainment, interactive games, audio/visual support, speakers, decoration, complementary gifts, security, insurance, ushers, transportation, parking arrangements, – the list is endless.
• Corporate Event Managers are very adept in planning and coordination of the efforts of a large number of people who are involved in organizing your corporate event.

Corporate event managers make sure that you fully enjoy the event without bothering about the implementation side of the corporate events!

Learn from the Olympics How to Organize your Events

Learn from the Olympics How to Organize your Events

In the first part of this series, we looked at the logistics of an event, both the logistics of fans getting to the event, and the internal logistics allowing fans to move from one item of interest to another. This time we will look at how to ensure that our event is profitable.
The Olympics are a fun example of trying to put on the best show that the world has ever seen and still turning a profit. Every two years, usually about a month before the games, there will be newspaper articles about how far over budget and behind schedule the ticket sales the Olympic Games are. Fortunately, most of our events are not judged by the same standards that the Olympics are held to, but they do have evaluation criteria. One common feature of all events is that they have both a budget and an objective. The size of the budget and the scope of the objectives differ drastically, but that does not make them any more or less important to the person planning the event.
The 2002 Winter Olympics were a good example of working hard to stay on budget. At the time of the Olympic Bid Scandal, the Winter Games looked like they were destined to be far over the prescribed budget. As they turned the corner, under the leadership of Mitt Romney, one of the things that helped them was to bring large silent sponsors in to the events. Most of the large profile sponsorships for the Olympics are predetermined (Delta, Visa, Coca-Cola, etc) leaving little room to go out and recruit additional sponsors with the lure of advertising space and publicity. They were still able to find organizations to help foot the bill and keep the games within their budget. Organizations like Marker, NuSkin, and the Eccles Foundation donated money, products, and services to help the games. These companies did not end up with Television commercial spots, but Marker had a label on the uniform of every volunteer and NuSkin distributed sunscreen and other toiletries to thousands of people who attended the events. This created a tremendous amount of goodwill for these organizations.
Staying within a budget is a problem that most people have. There always seems to be more to do than resources with which to do it. Like the Olympics, most of our events would benefit from contributions from sponsors. This can be as simple as having a local business pay to print your tickets in exchange for an advertisement on the back of each ticket, or having local restaurants donate pies for a pie eating contest. The more creative you get, the more possibilities you will be able identify to add an additional boost to your budget.
The Olympic Games have more objectives than most of us would be able to keep straight. From fostering world peace to bolstering the local economy, to creating an atmosphere conducive to the athletes breaking as many world records as possible, everyone has their own metric by which they judge the Olympics. In general, the Olympics do a good job planning the locations of the venues to benefit the athletes and the logos and displays to benefit the visitors from the different nations in attendance. They also are pretty consistent with helping the economy of the local community.
Most of us are lucky in that we do not have as many objectives behind our events. The majority of event planners, however, never stop to consider all of the different objectives that their event may have. It is usually a good idea to take some time and think of all of the stake holders in the event. This includes the organizations that are hosting the event, the participants and performers, and attendees of the event. Once you have listed everyone who is involved, try and think of why they are involved. What is their motivation? As you start to answer these questions you will develop a fairly complete list of the objectives of your event. It is then a good idea to prioritize them in such a way that you spend most of your time meeting the objectives that will make the most difference to the outcome of your event.
Taking the extra time to find sponsors to help you with your budget and to identify the objectives of your event will help make your event a success. You will be surprised at how easy it can be to identify the little things that will make a difference as you begin to plan your event.
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Invitations For Your Childs Birthday Party

Invitations For Your Childs Birthday Party

It’s not compulsory, but invitations are usually required whenever you are planning to throw a party for your child. Not only are invitations a formal way of letting people know that you’d like their presence at your event, it’s also a great way to keep the guest list in check, just in case you don’t want anyone uninvited to crash your party.

Of course, since you’re planning a children’s party, your invitations should fit the theme. Or if you opted not to plan a themed party, at least fit with your child’s age.

You can purchase ready made children’s birthday party invitations from bookshops and party supplies stores, or you can make them yourself. A good computer printer and several cute designs from the Internet and you’ve already made yourself fun party invitations to hand out.

Now for what to put inside the invitations. Naturally, you’ll mention what the party is all about. Some excited parents like to write poetry about their child’s event inside. Something like “Oh, how fun! Mary is turning one!” works fine. You don’t need to come up with too intricate poetry because you’ll be sending out the invitation in the assumed voice and speech capacity of your child and his or her equally young guests.

If you’re preparing for a themed event, get invitations that coincide with your theme. If a regular party is more up your alley, then invitations with cutesy characters or fun colors will do the trick. However which way you intend to design your child’s birthday party invitations, be sure they reflect how fun you expect your kid’s party will be, to entice his or her guests to come and join in.

You can place RSVP at the bottom of the invitation if you want to control the number of guests who will be coming. An RSVP will help give you an idea exactly how many people will arrive. You have to give a little room for a few more guests besides the one who RSVPed because, well, as much as an RSVP is a strict matter, there are still some people who might not understand how important it is and make attendance decisions at the last minute.

Also, you have to mention what kind of party you will be having and if your young guests will need to bring a change of clothes. If you’re having a pool party, say so, so that they can bring their bathing suits and other water toys. If you’re having a costume party, you need to urge your young guests to come in a costume according to your theme, or to their choosing.

Making invitations and planning the guest list is as fun as planning the party. Apart from the entertainment and food you have in mind, your child’s party would be very boring without the guests, especially the ones who are nearer to your baby’s age. Choose your guests wisely. After all, your child’s enjoyment is your top priority. The party should be fun and memorable for him or her.