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How To Organize Your Own Internet Marketing Seminar

How To Organize Your Own Internet Marketing Seminar

If you’ve been focusing solely on the market you could reach online, then you’re missing some big profit.

The World Wide Web can be a very big place, but let’s face it. More people are actually not interested with the Internet compared to the people who are regular web users. You may be servicing a bustling segment of the online market today, but how long would it take before that segment of the market becomes saturated? And even if new people are logging online on a daily basis, you will have to compete with other internet marketers for their valuable attention.

So, how do you increase your market base? How can you ensure a more profitable business for your online enterprise?

One approach which has yet to be fully exploited is organizing local internet marketing seminars. These are workshops, symposiums, conventions and even boot camps that aim to teach people, live and in person, the real possibility of earning a living online, and the fundamental steps that should be taken to ensure the same.

Conducting internet marketing seminars would be very beneficial in so many levels.

• You’d be able to tap into the offline market and bring them online.

• Your audience would find you even more credible, as they won’t have to rely on written words alone. They will see and hear you, live and in the flesh, and this could effectively eliminate the hesitations usually caused by the anonymity provided by the internet.

• You’d be able to build your brand as an expert for being able to organize an event like an internet marketing seminar.

• You’d be able to promote your own products, more effectively at that because you’d be able to tell your audience about it in person.

• You’d be able to build a battalion of committed affiliates since you’ll be able to interact with your prospects.

• You’d be able to build great relationships, which could result in faithful customers as well as future joint venture partners.

Before you start thinking that organizing an internet marketing seminar is a difficult task, think again. With a little planning and solid logistical support, you’ll be able to conduct an event like this quite easily. Here are the steps you should take.

1. Choose a subject you wish to focus on. This subject should be particular enough for discussion. Basic lessons, techniques, tips and overviews are good topics for internet marketing seminars.

2. Try to determine if you could discuss the subject yourself. Be honest. Do you have the requisite public speaking skills for the job? If not, you should invite speakers from the internet marketing industry to discuss the topic before your audience. Some of your speakers would require a profit sharing scheme, others would do it for free for the chance to promote their brands. In any event, it is but proper that you provide for their accommodations and travel expenses.

3. Determine where you want to hold your event. A densely populated locality would be a great option. But the place where most of your mailing list’s subscribers are located would be an excellent option as well, to guarantee you the audience you need.

4. Find a suitable venue in the place where you have decided to hold your seminar. This could be a ballroom of a hotel, a university’s conference hall, or even a convention center if you’re planning to invite more than 500 people. You have to reserve the venue at least 3 months in advance.

5. Prepare the program of your event. If you will have several speakers, make sure that there will be an open forum after each segment to give your audience the chance to ask their questions.

6. Determine if you want to charge an entrance fee for the event. You could choose to earn from the gate receipts, of course. The price would be dependent on your overhead expenses as well as how renowned your speakers are. However, it is also a good idea to offer your seminar for free, especially if your expenses aren’t that big. This way, you’d be able to attract more people to whom you could efficiently promote your products.

7. Market your event as you would a digital product.

The logistical difficulty would depend on the magnitude of the event you will be organizing. For starters, you should keep things small, to help you gain the necessary experience. Once your efforts prove successful, you could start organizing bigger events involving bigger personalities in the online marketing scene.

Internet marketing seminars are excellent marketing options that would leave your audience fully satisfied, and your business fully invigorated with newfound vigor.

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Planning An Event: If You Think You Can’t, You’re Right.

Planning An Event: If You Think You Can’t, You’re Right.

It was their company’s first ever breakfast seminar. Sally Thompson had never designed a seminar before. She knew the start time, the finish time and had a list of presentations that had to be made but could she make it fit?

Remember that, for maximum impact, each hour of an event should be divided equally into one third listening, one third discussing and one third doing. So, for every hour you really only need a script for twenty minutes and, if you are using a PowerPoint type presentation, a well-paced speaker will “talk to” one slide of the presentation every 3 minutes on average. You therefore need around 7 text slides each with no more than 7 bullet points to generate a one-hour chunk of the event.

This is obviously a rough guide but when you consider writing event material in this way, it can remove some of the fear factor. Most delegates will be satisfied with your normal product literature and a copy of the slides printed out as lecture notes with a space to add their own observations. If there is no-one in your organization with the time or the skill to write the presentation material you will find many creative writers who have presentation experience and who will be happy to script your presentation for a reasonable fee.

For workshops, you will need to design some activities to allow people to put the theories being taught into practice. This is most often a paperwork exercise that falls naturally from the subject matter; however, it is sometimes useful to ask people to participate in an abstract exercise that will generate emotion and stress. Their spontaneous language and behavior can then be observed to illustrate key points in subjects like, team-working, customer service, anger management, delegation and leadership. These abstract games tend to be large-scale puzzles and obstacle courses using fairly simple props that can be rented from corporate entertainment suppliers.

One such puzzle used to stimulate discussions about organization, motivation and teamwork is called Chinese Crackers after the parlor game on which it is based. A pile of 7 cushions (crackers) of different sizes, the smallest being about 50cm square and the largest being about 1.5m square, are piled up in one corner of the room. The “team” must rebuild the stack in another corner of the room; a third corner is used for temporary storage. It sounds straightforward but there are two firm “rules”:

* Only smaller cushions can be placed on top of larger cushions

* Only one cushion should be in transit at any one time

Sane people are very quickly turned into frenzied factotums forgetting everything they ever knew about planning, observation, review and positive thinking as they lose faith in their ability to pile cushions against the clock.

For anyone who has ever tried the parlor game, they will know that the answer is not complex but requires finding a pattern in which to move the cushions and then sticking to it.

Using this simple structure, Sally soon realized that she was in danger of trying to fit a quart into a pint pot. Her original plan of one breakfast seminar turned into a series of weekly breakfast workshops that gave delegates enough meat to chew on and discuss but left them hungry for more.

Wedding Planning Insights: How To Plan The Perfect Wedding Day

Wedding Planning Insights: How To Plan The Perfect Wedding Day

There is a great deal of planning that goes into any large event but a wedding takes a lot of planning and organising. You have to make sure that the venue is booked, the dress fits, the bridesmaids have their dresses, the flowers are going to be there, the minister is well, the music is still on, the reception hall is ready, the guest are coming, your bride or groom is coming and the rings are there! Like I said: a lot of planning for a wedding!!!

A wedding needs to be carried out with most organising as possible, everything should run smoothly without any hitches and that requires a lot of planning. Usually families and friends get together to sort out the wedding but sometimes people hire a wedding planner! They are quite expensive but have a lot of expertise in the field of weddings; I think that they have a great job!

Wedding planning requires a knack, a knack to know how things work and how things will go, you need to be confident enough to ensure that the day runs as smooth as a lake and not like a waterfall, in fact water features are great at a wedding keep that in mind!

There are great tips and advice to help your wedding planning go a lot easier and a lot less stressful. On the internet there are articles, and tools to help you keep your wedding calm, there are also lots of television shows in channels like the discovery channel which are full of informative ideas for your wedding and how to plan things such as the flowers, the cake and the dress.

One of the great tips I like is to make a checklist, sit down and think of everything that needs to be done a few weeks before the planning starts, so if you forget anything you have a few weeks to make sure everything is on the list, an even bigger tip is not to loose the list!!! Not to mention make sure that you stick to your budget as weddings can be very expensive but they can also cost a lot less if you do proper planning and budgeting.

With the right amount of wedding planning and the right amount of time and effort everyone’s wedding can go as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and you can enjoy your perfect day to the fullest!

Kids Parties For Older Children

Kids Parties For Older Children

Kids parties will change, as your child gets older, but they still can be a lot of fun to plan and host. As a parent, you will need to work with your child to create a birthday party that is right for them. A ten year old may be well beyond having a clown, balloons and a party with their grandparents and friends. Instead, they may enjoy a pool party, a camping trip or even just a sleep over with friends. When planning the birthday party for an older child, keep in mind that you want them to be happy on this day. It may be hard for you to let go, but they will appreciate it when you follow through with their requests.

Tweens: Planning Ideas For Children Ten To Thirteen

Tweens are one of the most difficult ages to plan a party for. At this age, they are getting to know themselves and impressing friends is all they can think. This is the age where many kids will also feel pressured into doing things that one up the last child’s party. As a parent, you may need to step in and lay out the boundaries. Talk about what is acceptable and what may not be. If they do not have an idea as to what they want to do for a party, here are some ideas:

• Arcade and Pizza: Kids that love arcade games and pizza will love to have a party at a local facility. Go karts can add to the fun, too. You will find that many local facilities will put on the birthday celebration for you, providing you with everything you need for a set fee. These parties can get expensive, depending on if you pay for everyone’s tickets.

• Pool Parties: Something is alluring about the pool and middle school aged children love to invite their friends over for a party like this. It takes only a few minutes to set up and with a few well-planned treats, you can have a fantastic party with virtually no overhead cost (expect for food.)

• Boys and girls both enjoy this activity and continue to become more interested in it all the time. Most laser tag locations now offer a variety of party packages for parents to choose from. These work well for those that want something unique to do.

Planning birthday parties for kids of this age may take some advanced planning on the part of you and your child. They often want to play a role in the birthday or party planning anyway. Kids parties at this age are often filled with noise, music and lots of laughing. Don’t expect them to welcome older family members to their event either. You may want to consider a celebrate birthday celebration for family members.

Tips For Planning Older Kids Parties

When it comes to kids parties, you can go wrong! You do not want to be the party that messed up their child’s party! Here are some tips to help you avoid making common mistakes.

• Choose a party theme that that they enjoy, not what you are looking for. Give them the chance to plan their own event, even. With your guidance, it could be a learning experience for them, too.

• Invest in appropriate decorations. Streamers, balloons and many banners may not be what they are hoping. Instead, find out what they think will be interesting and use that.

• Set a budget for the bash. It is easy to get carried away with your child when planning parties for them. With a budget in place, you and your child can stay within the guidelines and learn something about the process as well.

Stay on top of the trends and party events happening near you. New places to have parties and interesting themes are constantly available. Remember, by the time your child is a teenager, chances are good that they will be less than interested in having a party with mom and dad. Take advantage of this time closely and invest some time making this a bonding experience between you and your child. In the long term, it will pay off!

Fun & Unique Baby Shower Favors

Fun & Unique Baby Shower Favors

A baby shower is often the highlight of an expectant mother’s pregnancy. Planning a baby shower requires some thought and consideration for the expectant mother’s special event. Baby shower favors are among the items that must be considered when planning a shower.
Baby shower favors do not have to be complicated to make an impressionable impact on visitors. Most people are happy enough to come to the shower just to visit the mom to be in all her pregnant glory. Baby shower favors however can provide a memento of the unique event and offer a simple way to thank guests for visiting and celebrating the mother’s time of joy.
Baby shower favors come in every size, shape and form. Some simple gift ideas include the following:
Miniature boxes of chocolates or candy
Bath and body items
Gift baskets
Lotto tickets
Movie tickets
Keep in mind that to make any party even more fun and eventful, baby shower favors that coincide with the “theme” of the party are even more fun to pass out. For example, if the expectant mother is carrying twins, and the theme of the shower revolves around multiples, it might be possible to offer baby shower gifts that coincide with this idea. Some ideas in this situation might involve the following:
Double Bubble
“Twix” Candy Bars
2 pairs of anything
Identical picture frames
Manicure and pedicure set
Pair of coffee spoons
One neat idea for baby shower favors is to have each guest bring a “white elephant gift”. The idea of white elephant gifts typically surfaces during Christmas time, when guests are invited to bring a “mock” gift to a party for exchange. This may include silly items such as used household appliances, a roll of toilet paper or an open box of Oreo cookies. Guests are encouraged to wrap the gifts, then each member of the party can select a number and draw gifts. Using white elephant gifts as party favors is a great way to share laughter and joy in a shower situation.

Make It The Wedding Of Your Dreams (3)

Make It The Wedding Of Your Dreams

Planning her own wedding is one of the most stressful events any woman will ever go through. The hardest part is choosing the perfect dress. It is a mistake for a woman to go try on dresses without some idea of what she likes. Another huge blunder is inviting the entire bridal party, all the mothers, and even the groom.

Ask your wedding guests to RSVP for the big day as soon as they possibly can. Understand that some people may need to wait to make sure they can get time off of work, but it’s important for you to get a head count as early as possible to know how much to spend on food and other planning.

One consideration many people don’t think about when planning a wedding is how they will keep underage guests from drinking. This activity is illegal and you never know who might call the police on your event, especially the people who own the venue you’re using! Protect everyone from prosecution and let the bartender know who shouldn’t be served.

Have a small decorated cake for the traditional cake cutting event, and serve guests sheet cake. Not only will the guests not realize nor care that their cake is not the one being cut, the bride and groom get their cake cutting pictures and save a lot of money in the process.

Ask your friends, family, and co-workers to find out what skills they have that can help you with your wedding. For example, your best friend might have worked as a florist and a cake decorator, one cousin could be a DJ and the other a photographer, and maybe your Grandmother is willing and able to do all the catering!

When photographing a wedding you’ll need to wear sensible shoes! That means no high heels for women as you might find yourself standing on a chair or pew and the last thing you want to do is take a tumble and ruin the wedding! Flat shoes with a good tread will keep you stable.

Start planning your wedding at least a year in advance. Many venues and photographers are booked out 12 to 18 months and require deposits to hold a date for you. Even if you aren’t engaged, it might be a good idea to start thinking about your potential dates and venues before hand.

When photographing a wedding, ensure that you are as unobtrusive as possible. Stay back and out of the way of people’s view, and don’t bother people during the ceremony by asking them to move out of your shot. You’ll be recommended to other engaged couples in the future if you give the family a great day.

On her wedding day, the bride is the focus of everybody’s attention. Wearing the dress she loves will fill her with confidence, making her even more beautiful on her day. Before trying on dresses, she needs to know what style she likes and what style flatters her body type. She should take one trusted and honest friend or family member to help.

The Drawbacks of Free Baby Shower Games

The Drawbacks of Free Baby Shower Games

Planning a baby shower can be a daunting task. This is because it entails a lot of preparation, things to consider, and expenses to prepare. After all, baby showers are not just an ordinary celebration that can be executed even without proper planning.

That is why planning baby showers entail the careful incorporation of ideas as well as the budget for the whole event. You would not want to come up with something that will reflect the “this-will-do” attitude of most people.

Consequently, baby shower games, as part of the celebration, should be meticulously prepared. However, not all baby showers have games on their plans. But the fact that it is a great “ice-breaker,” many baby shower coordinators are incorporating the idea of having baby shower games in the party.

With the advent of the Internet, there are many baby shower game ideas made available online. The best thing about it is that most of the baby shower games available on the Internet are free. Hence, for people who are really tight on the budget, they can get hold of the benefits that free baby shower games can give them.

But then again, free baby shower games are not for everybody. There are people who contend that free baby shower games are not the ideal games to be used in the baby shower.

Here are some of the disadvantages about the free baby shower games.

1. Free baby shower games do not look nice.

Most people contend that the printouts of the free printable baby shower games available online are better than the free baby shower games available in the market. This is because most of the free baby shower games are just plain handouts, with no artistic creations embedded in it.

2. Most parents would appreciate it more if you will not use free baby shower games.

The value or the money is not the issue here but on how baby shower games are used or executed. Because free baby shower games usually lacks quality materials, it would be better not to include them in the party than to make it appear that the event and the preparation was just taken for granted.

3. If there were a budget, it would be better not to use free baby shower games.

If you have a budget for the baby shower as well as the games, it would be better to use the games that were designed professionally.

Besides, baby shower games are not at all expensive when compared to free baby shower games.

4. Believe on the saying, you will get what you have paid for.

This would mean that if you have obtained a baby shower game for free, then, expect something that is not meticulously and artistically created because there are no capitals or investments used to make the creation attractive.

If you obtained a baby shower game that is worth your money, chances are, you will have quality baby shower games to enjoy in the party.

The bottom line is that baby shower games should not be taken for granted. It does not necessarily mean that free baby shower games are really bad or is not worth using. But the fact that the event is such a momentous occasion for the parents-to-be, then, it would be better to come up with baby shower games that would reflect the joy and happiness of the people on the arrival of the baby.

After all, baby shower games are not that expensive so there is no sense in getting free baby shower games.

Get Rid Of Those Pre-Webinar Blues

Get Rid Of Those Pre-Webinar Blues

All stressed out for the next webinar for a new product launch? Relax. You just need a few tricks to get your work done without the tension that a frazzled wedding planner undergoes.

101 Details To Look Into

If preparing for a big event is not your specialty, you have to prepare yourself for the big picture. The big picture includes thousands of minute details you never thought are essential to a successful seminar, or webinar, in this case. The moment the product goes into the drawing board, it’s full steam ahead for the different teams.

Map out the schedule of the activity. This schedule should consider all the preparation that goes into the main event, from planning the advertising campaign to the moment the webinar ends. The preliminary schedule of the product launch is already decided at this point. The advertising teams scuttle to work out different strategies. The training people are also up to their neck in work designing training programs. And the finance people are adding up sums to determine the entire budget for the project launch.

First Things First

Preparing for a product launch can get your ulcers acting up. But if you take stock of the things to do and prioritize these according to urgency, you’ll find that planning for a virtual event on a grand scale is not as easy as it actually sounds. The first thing to do? Get people signed up and follow up on the confirmation of their attendance.

Don’t expect 100% attendance. This is highly improbable. So this responsibility is yours and of the advertising team. You’ll have to do late night brainstorming sessions to come up with new tactics to get at least 70% to show up.

Inform and Entice

You’ll have to think of a strategy to entice people to sign up for the webinar, free or not. This will mean that your team will have to produce more information material about the product. Without that information, a targeted audience may feel that attending a virtual seminar is a waste of time.

So how can these busy people join the activity? Make registration accessible to all. You can put a website just for the event, or simply add a registration section on the company’s website. When they sign up, it is because they are interested to know more about the product. This means that advance support material should be made available at this point.

You should be able to inform the audience what the whole product is about and already make an offer for them if they attend the activity. When you send out the invitations, people should be able to know the advantage of joining the online action. Perhaps you could give away ebooks or other freebies they will appreciate.

Get the best speakers, or the people who have a vast experience in this particular activity. Brief them about the entire program and update them on the schedule of the preliminary test runs. Make everything convenient for them. You don’t want a speaker to back out at the last moment. That would be the biggest disaster. Overall, the best thing to do to get rid of pre-webinar blues is to run your preparations on schedule and great teamwork.

How To Have The Perfect Wedding Day (2)

How To Have The Perfect Wedding Day

It’s time to get married. First, though, you have to get through the wedding. The planning and execution of a wedding can be a daunting task, but it is possible to do by breaking down the task into manageable steps. The following tips will help you make that special day the best it can be.

When it comes to weddings, be sure that you shop around for the best rates when it comes to your cake. This is important because cake prices can vary widely and bakeries know that people will pay anything in order to make sure that their wedding is a special event.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding you will need to consider the possibility of bad weather. If you do not have a backup plan, this could ruin your wedding and inconvenience all of your guests who are attending. Always prepare for the worst on important occasions.

The worst thing that can come out of a wedding is a huge debt. Don’t overlook your budget when choosing items for your big day. If you are cash-strapped, look for savings like having your family cater the event or do all the photography. At worst you can ask for cash in lieu of gifts to help offset the costs.

You may want to consider not planning your wedding for a Saturday. There are a lot of weddings planned on Saturdays, normally because most everyone already has the day off. The issue with planning your wedding for that day is that most every church and reception hall is booked far in advance for each Saturday. By changing the day, you may find that the venue you genuinely want is available.

Get your nails done when you get your hair done for your wedding to give you the overall pampering that you deserve on your big day. It isn’t very expensive, but the foot bath and hand massage will help calm your nerves and leave you looking beautiful and feeling great!

When choosing a caterer or a vendor for your wedding, look for someone you can trust. If the vendor is doing its best to work with you and find out what you want, you have found the right one. If the vendor’s main concern is getting paid, you might have run into a scam.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, make sure you have a backup plan in case of bad weather. Ideally, you should also have a nearby indoor location that can be accessed at a moment’s notice. Another option you have is to rent a party tent that is big enough to cover your entire wedding party and all of your guests comfortably. Don’t get caught out in the rain.

If you feel overwhelmed at all the necessary preparations, try asking others to help you break down these tips into steps that can be divided up and conquered separately. Now that you are are armed with a few great tips, you are well on your way to making your wedding an occasion to remember.

Need Advice For Your Wedding? Follow These Tips

Need Advice For Your Wedding? Follow These Tips

Many of us have daydreamed about the day when we will walk down the isle ever since childhood, right down to the gown we will wear, what our hair will look like, and the colors in our bouquet. Planning your wedding, although tremendously exciting, can often feel overwhelming without some sort of guidance.

If finances are tight, just have cake and drinks at your reception. Not providing a full meal is a great way to keep your wedding costs reasonable. You will still be able to have fun celebrating with your friends and family, but you can do it at a fraction of the cost. Time your wedding so that the reception will not fall during a meal time.

Buy local! Consider buying and hiring for your wedding from local companies. This will help support your local economy, as well as, ensure fresh products will arrive the day of your marriage. It will also save you money on shipping products and travel time for hired services such as your DJ.

Vintage or antique place settings are a perfect addition to a retro or period-inspired rehearsal dinner or reception, but they are also extremely expensive. Instead of spending days trying to track down a complete set, consider private rental companies that, for a modest sum, rent out entire place settings, silverware, and serving utensils.

If you want a very original wedding, why not a cruise? Many cruise lines offer very affordable cruises anywhere. You can have all your guests with you for the duration of the cruise and visit many great locations while enjoying the comfort of a luxurious boat. Make sure everybody can take a few days off.

Try incorporating tributes into your wedding. You can try something like carrying a bouquet of flowers that a loved one or a dear friend of yours carried on their wedding day. It makes the day a little more personal and loving to the person whom the tribute is directed towards.

When planning a wedding, one of the most important things to remember is not to stress out over the details. A wedding is a joyful, fun event, and any missing details will likely never be noticed by the guests. Focus your energy and worry on the big things, and enjoy the fact that you are preparing for the one of the biggest days in your life!

If you’re going to have children at your wedding, consider them when you choose your menu. If the items you really want to have aren’t palatable to children, include some child-friendly items in a quantity that matches the number of children attending in your order to your caterer so they will be considered, too. Don’t forget drinks!

Planning for your big day does not have to feel overwhelming, by listening to advice and suggestions of those who have gone before you, you can organize the day of your dreams with a minimum of stress and anxiety. You might even find that you enjoy planning for your wedding almost as much as the big event itself!