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Conventions and Conferences in Costa Rica

Conventions and Conferences in Costa Rica

Large companies and corporations sponsor destination business meetings and Costa Rica is one of prominent spots to have a conference and conventions. Exotic locations combine business and vacation at the same time and give a fresh look to business. When you want to bring some relaxation to your company and employees having it in an exotic locale like Costa Rica it’s offering employees a chance to kick back and relax and take advantage of getting in some quality time to go fishing, swimming, horseback riding, golf, tennis, or taking in getting a body massage and spa treatments.

Some companies host their annual company trips to exotic locations for a chance of scenery and environment and to give people a chance to get in some vacation time without actually taking off and holding business meetings and conventions. Most resorts have special packages for companies to book a specific number of rooms and have arrangements for all budgets and to have someone on hand to help with the arrangements of the convention or conference.

This actually is a great way for employees to get out of the office and yet do something fun and not feel stressed. Most companies who do something to take the employees out of the office tend to have less stressed out workers because a change of scenery is usually good for someone not to feel burned out. Getting in some sun, hiking, horseback riding, diving, fishing, tennis, snorkeling, swimming, soaking in the hot tub, and taking in a full body massage and spa treatment is key in lowering someone’s stress level because it’s a way for someone to relax and cool out.

Some social organizations plan their annual trips to exotic locations as a way to change the scenery too and to give their people a chance to relax and do something fun instead of the same stuff. Flamingo Beach Resort has a staff that handles groups and events and can help plan out the stay exactly specified to your instructions and meeting your budget restrictions.

You can go on their website and request information for catering and planning your group event to Costa Rica and the resort can hold meeting space for up to 190 people which is ideal for people planning moderate sized events. The catering menu can serve everything from elegant to international cuisine and casual poolside.

This is what you call an awesome business meeting you get to spend it in a foreign country and getting in your vacation without exactly taking off since you’re actually working at the same time. You can even have the planning staff plan mixers, welcome receptions, and themed ice breakers to get employees to interact with each other if some of them work in different departments and aren’t around others from the same office. Group discounts are given if 10 or more rooms are booked. An event like this will make one feel rejuvenated and refreshed after a week in a luxury hotel and being in a peaceful environment.

Special Party Planning Considerations – Entertaining the Disabled

Special Party Planning Considerations – Entertaining the Disabled

In just about everyone’s circle of friends and acquaintances, there are people who are disabled in one way or another. In just my own immediate family, I have one person who is in a wheelchair and another who is on a special diet due to kidney failure. Whenever I entertain, I know that I have to take both of their special needs into consideration. For many people this is a very daunting proposition which they answer by simply not inviting their disabled friends and relatives to their parties, or simply not entertaining at all. How completely sad is that?

It is very important that as you move through your daily life you understand that fact that disabled people are just like you and I. While they have additional challenges in their lives, they still enjoy the same things you and I do, and a good party is no exception! It is very possible for you to plan your party and include those with disabilities without too much extra work.

The first thing you can do when you are planning a party is to plan on inviting your disabled friends and family to the event. Don’t let their differences scare you away from having them to your home or event. However, you should also not be shy about asking these friends and relatives if there is anything you can do to help them navigate the area better, or if there are any dietary restrictions they have which you can plan ahead for. Even by asking these two questions, they will feel appreciated and included in your event. In addition, they will have respect for the fact that you asked the questions, many people don’t bother to.

The next thing you can do is to take a moment to view your home as other people will who attend your party. Try sitting down in a chair, or sitting on the floor, and have a good look around. Look at obstacles like clutter and see if you can move some things out of the way for the party time. This is especially important in tighter spaces such as bathrooms and hallways. Look for tripping hazards like stairs and see if you can highlight them better to make sure that even your visually impaired granny can see them and be able to navigate them without falling down.

If you would like to invite someone to your party with a more physical disability, ask them if there is someone they would like to bring along as their caregiver. Many people will be happy that you asked and were considerate of the fact that they may need someone available to help them. Many people need help in places like the restroom, and would prefer to have someone there they trust and can feel comfortable around.

If your invitee has never been to your home before, you can simply ask if they would like to come over before the event and the two of you can work on accessibility issues together. This can be a great help and make both you and your guest feel as comfortable as possible.

The best thing you can ever do when entertaining is to invite those around you with disabilities. Especially during the holiday season, people can be very lonely and it only takes a nice gesture such as an invitation to a party to start to feel better about yourself and your situation. If you feel uncomfortable about the person’s disability, then try talking to them about what challenges they face and what things you can do to make their stay nicer at your home. Through some simple communication, both you and your disabled friends and relatives can have some great party memories to share.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Games

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Games

Wedding rehearsal dinners are a time to relax, calm down and enjoy a quiet evening before the big event the next day. But adding some fun and games into the rehearsal dinner isn’t such a bad idea. It’s a great way to help everyone let off some steam, calm down and enjoy each other.

If you’re planning a sit-down formal dinner, fun games and activities can still be on the menu. In fact, if a formal dinner is part of the plans, having some interesting activities on the agenda is not only a good idea, but also an excellent one. There’s been a lot of planning, and a lot of stress and the wedding party and close friends and family will welcome the opportunity to have a little fun.

The success or failure of any games or activities largely depends not just on the planning but your venue. If you’re having a sit-down dinner in a restaurant, try to get a private room. Then a myriad of fun activities can be planned, such as “pin the veil on the bride”, in which blindfolded guests spin around a few times, then try to pin the veil on a picture of the bride. Silly, yes, but also fun.

One fun activity sure to help everyone blow off some steam is charades. Whoever is up will act out a scene from the bride or groom’s life, so it might be when graduating from college, or getting a huge promotion at work. The “it” person might choose to act out when the bride tripped and fell at another person’s wedding or when the groom saved a dog from getting hit by a car. This is a little twist on charades that helps people get to know the bride and groom better, and adds intimacy to what is already an intimate event.

If the wedding rehearsal dinner is a bit less formal and held in someone’s home, there are many more activities that can take place. For example, how about a night of playing board games? Who needs formal food? You can have that the next day at the formal wedding. At this rehearsal dinner party, the games are center stage.

Bring in some sandwiches and tell everyone to wear their comfortable clothes and settle in for a night of board games. You can set up games on different tables, divide people into groups of 4 or 5 and have everyone rotate tables at designated times. You can even instruct game players that when they move to another table, the game stays out the way it is. So, for example, dad might begin playing Monopoly where the bride was and he’s stuck with only a little money in the bank and no houses on Boardwalk.

So, let’s say the bride and groom are big into sports. If the wedding is to be held in the summer and the days are long, how about a game of touch football or baseball? You can play bride’s family against groom’s family, men against women, or for a twist, the bride plays with the groom’s family and the groom with the bride’s family. Any combination works. The idea here is to have some fun, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Other outdoor activities can include anything that is physical and might help people blow off steam. Has the bride been more a “bridezilla” than anything? How about a game of tag where she’s it? Or you can create two bridesmaid’s dress-up trunks. Go to a thrift store, fill the trunks with old prom dresses and large-size shoes, and costume jewelry. Divide the guests into two different teams and have someone sit with a timer. The team who dresses one of the men (ideally, the groom and best man or perhaps the two dads) first wins. Be sure to have a camera at the rehearsal dinner/event, because this is one activity you’ll want to have pictures of!

Open House Party Planning

Open House Party Planning

A non-traditonal party is an open house. It is very similar to traditional party, but there are some differences. Most importantly, an open house offers your guests greater convenience. Because open houses longer than traditional parties, your guests have a larger window of opportunity to visit you. Normally, open houses are scheduled earlier in the day than many parties. Open houses are usually daytime affairs.

Open houses require the same amount of planning as traditional parties. Because they are longer affairs, they are usually less structured. The longer schedule allows your guests to come and go more freely.

Open houses are great neighborhood parties. The less formal style fits perfectly this kind of event. It gives people living on the same street interact freely without worrying about a schedule. Your neighbors can drop by for a few minutes or several hours. It is up to them how long they stay. Your guests can arrive at different times throughout the day.

An open house allows you to have a party without having to manage its progression much. It is normally an informal event that requires no structure. You simply dedicate a certain amount of time for the open house that allows your guests to come and go whenever they please. Because there are usually no activities to plan you don’t have to worry about a schedule. Due to the more relaxed atmosphere, you may have more time to socialize.

Keep in mind that open house parties are longer than traditional parties. Therefore, the food you serve should hold up for the entire duration of the party. The foods your serve should not spoil easily. Make sure you have enough extra food to accommodate unexpected guests. Some of your guests may bring additional people, so be prepared to fee a couple of extra guests. Appetizers and various finger foods are great for open houses.

Because open houses are long affairs, you need to have a lot of energy to keep the party going all day. You should try to delegate as much as you can to help you with the workload. Welcoming guests throughout the day can be exhausting, so save your energy.

Final tip: Make sure your guests understand that they are invited to an open house and inform them of the duration of the party in advance.

Party Budget

Party Budget

There is one thing certain about parties; they cost money. The question you have to answer is, how much money are you able or willing to spend on the party. If you have a limited budget, you can organize a potluck, where all the invited guests are expected to bring something. When you host your party at home, you are more likely to spend less than having your party at a hotel ballroom or a fancy restaurant.

No matter how small your party is, you must set a budget. Your budget has to be a realistic one. Don’t plan on spending fifty dollars per guests, when you can only afford ten. Your budget will determine how many people you should invite. One of the first tasks you have is to set your budget. Make sure your budget is somewhat flexible. You may need to spend money on unanticipated expenses.

The kind of party you are planning will have a great impact on your budget. For example, a wedding is going to require a very different budget than a Memorial Day backyard barbeque party. The number of guests you invite doesn’t always determine your budget. a small formal dinner could easily cost more than a Hot Dogs and Hamburgers backyard event.

A small budget doesn’t have to be a dull boring party with bad food. If you are creative, you can provide great entertainment for your guests. Good cooks are famous for creating great food with the most modest ingredients. If you can’t afford an all around expensive event, you can focus more on just one aspect of the party. For example, you may purchase an expensive gourmet cake.

You don’t have to get in debt to have a great event. A big budget is certainly very nice, but it doesn’t guarantee good times. The people you invite, your friends and family present at the party, should have a lot more to do with how everyone feels than how much money per guest you are able to spend. Most importantly, it is people that make us feel good or rotten about an event not just what kind of food we were served.

Knowledge To Bring With You For The Nursing Home Admission

Knowledge To Bring With You For The Nursing Home Admission

Nursing Homes require a lot of information. For many individuals entering a nursing home this may be the first time they are introduced to health, financial and end of life planning. Some of the information required by nursing homes may be very sensitive if you have not addressed the reality of your own or your loved ones health and financial related outcomes.
Knowing how long the anticipated stay for rehabilitation will help you determine the cost of care and the resources needed to pay for the stay. The professional staff of the hospital will be able to give you an estimated time frame. When the resident is assessed at the nursing home they will give you another time frame based upon the resident’s health condition, the resident’s ability to tolerate rehabilitation activity and the level of independence required for where the resident will reside after their rehabilitation stay.
Advance Directives are very important and deeply personal. The most critical Advance Directive nursing staff needs to know for a rehabilitation stay is what you want done if your heart and breathing should stop. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is a group of treatments used when someone’s heart and/or breathing stops. CPR is used in attempt to restart the heart and breathing. If you do not wish to receive CPR, your doctor must write a separate do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order on the chart or DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). The nursing home can provide you with more information.
The next essential piece of information is the name of a funeral home or mortuary in the event that the resident expires in the nursing home. It is a relief for family members during an emotional event to have some plans already in place.
During the admissions process the coordinator will require copies of the resident’s Social Security card, Medicare card, and other insurance cards. The nursing home will use this information to verify benefits and how the insurance will pay and how long the insurance company will pay for services.
A copy of the resident’s Living Will and a Power of Attorney is required if they have been done but are not necessary.
The Admissions Coordinator will also request financial information to help you with future financial planning for your resident.

Fully Customizable Registration Forms

Fully Customizable Registration Forms

Online registration can take the hassle of event registrations by saving you the time of manually completing each step of the process. Online registration systems offer ready-made forms that – especially when customizable – can make the registration processing easier and more comfortable for both you and you registrants.

A lot of systems give you limited flexibility. You get their look and feel with any number of data fields for customization and that’s all. This can really limit your ability to create a seamless experience for your registrants from your website and marketing materials to the registration experience.

Therefore, I recommend choosing a system that gives you full control over the look and feel as well as the information you capture during registration.

You see, every event is different: maybe you need critical information that’s unique to the people attending your event, or maybe you need to collect different information from different types of registrants such as attendees and exhibitors. This type of information is easy to gather when you have full control over your online registration forms, and it’s even easier when it’s a “point and click” process that takes no time at all to master.

Many systems available give you full control over your registration forms. You can collect as much or as little information as you like, guide your registrants to their specific registration type, and change the background to match the look and feel of your web site.

Various pricing options such as variable pricing based on attendee type, discount codes, and early-bird pricing can make registration easier for both you and your registrants, encouraging a higher number of registrations. Make sure to choose an online registration system that will easily charge different rates for vendors versus regular attendees and will automatically accept discount codes and time-associated pricing based on your settings and deadlines.

While specific pricing plans will make registration easier, picking your colors and adding you company logo to your registration website makes your registrants feel comfortable by creating a consistent look-and-feel that carries over from your web site to your order form.

It is even better when you can use all of these options with just a few clicks of the mouse.

To make event planning easier for both you and your registrants, choose an online registration system that will not only remove the hassle of paperwork but will also be fully customizable to the specifications of your unique event.

Wedding Consultants “To Hire Or Not”

Wedding Consultants “To Hire Or Not”

Wedding consultants or wedding planners are professionals specializing in wedding planning. Your wedding planner can be an organizer, an event planner, a vendor specialist, a project manager, a shrink, or a friend. A wedding planner can work with you to plan your wedding day part-time or full-time. How much time a wedding consultant spends on your wedding is only limited by your budget. A good rule of thumb is not to spend more than 7 to 10 percent of your total wedding budget on a wedding planner. If your wedding budget is $20,000, you should not spend more than $2000 on your wedding planner. The savings gained from hiring an experienced wedding planner may justify paying for one. Even if you can’t afford a wedding planner to plan your entire wedding, you may consider meeting one for an hour or two just to get help with the most important things.

One of the most important reasons for hiring a wedding planner it to reduce your stress level. Even if you might be able to organize everything from the wedding cake, your reception site, the wedding band, and the list goes on, you might be better off with the help of seasoned wedding professional.

Your wedding consultant can handle the less glamorous aspects of organizing your wedding such as setting appointments with vendors. When you meet with your wedding planner for the first time come with a plan. The more prepared you are the more your wedding consultant can help. Good preparation will not only save you time, but it will save you money. The less time your wedding consultant needs to spend on organizing your wedding, the less it will cost.

Just because you are working with a consultant, it doesn’t mean that all you need to do is show up on your wedding day. You should setup a timeline and make sure your goals are met according to schedule.

If you enjoy planning events, you might plan your entire event without any help from a professional wedding planner. If you are unsure of what needs to be done to organize your special day, you might at the very least setup an appointment with a professional wedding planner. You should always ask for references prior to hiring a wedding planner.

All Shook Up in Surry – the Perfect Corporate Mix

All Shook Up in Surry – the Perfect Corporate Mix

England is a land of contrasts – on one hand you will find the vibrant cities filled with lively activities, glittering nightlife and other attractions, on the other hand you will be equally delighted to discover the green and serene countryside. Filled with an impressive sense of fashion, quality dining, clubbing, shopping and much more, England is the favourite corporate event venue for arranging all sorts of fun filled corporate activities. From treasure hunts, team building activities, spy missions to dragon boat racing and cocktail making, you get a wide range of corporate events at your display.

Cocktail Making in Surry

Ever thought of participating in a contest in front of around 3500 live spectators? It definitely sounds thrilling. Chillisauce, with its treasure house of corporate event planning ideas, provides you the opportunity to do just that. Pairs of contestants are pre-chosen from your company to participate in the fun filled cocktail making challenge on stage. Each pair is given a bar with similar sets of cocktail ingredients. You get to perform on stage to show your creative side amidst constant cheering from the audience. The cocktail making challenge in Surry is easily one of the most sought after corporate event. It’s a fun packed corporate show full of entertainment, comedy and creativity.

Advantages of Cocktail Making Corporate Activities

If you are looking for creating a social bond amongst the corporate team members, then cocktail making is the best way to do it. It is an excellent choice to pep up the team spirit as this corporate event aims at rewarding a team for a job well done. The participants will be eager to share their on stage experience with their colleagues, thus encouraging constant interaction with all the team members.

When you take cocktail making corporate activity in Surry to a competitive level, it turns up to be one of the best corporate team building means with equal enthusiastic participation from all the members of the corporate team. As far as exciting and team involving corporate activities are concerned, trust Chillisauce to deliver you the perfect choice you are looking for.

Reception Ideas

Reception Ideas

Hosting a reception means you have a great deal of planning to do. There are plenty of terrific ideas you can include to make it a very enjoyable event for everyone. You need to plan well in advance to make sure you have everything in place as you need it. You also need to keep a close eye on your budget so the spending doesn’t get out of control. Planning a reception doesn’t have to be stressful if you plan early and pay attention to details.

You want to have they reception somewhere that is going to hold all of the people you expect. Look at various reception halls and find out what they have to offer. Some of them have rentals by the hour while others rent by the day. You many not want to use a reception hall with stairs if it doesn’t have elevator access. You also want to make sure there will be enough parking.

Decorating is very important for your reception so take a look at the various options. You can make your own decorations or buy them. You will find plenty to choose from for any occasion. For a wedding reception it is customary to use the colors of the wedding for the decorations. You can also make lovely picture designs of the couple to display.

Food is a big part of receptions as well. Do you want to offer sit down meal or a buffet style? Think about a diverse menu so there will be something that appeals to all of your guests. One option for dessert that is really popular is a chocolate fountain. It is beautiful to look at and the guests can dip fruits in it for a delicious treat.

Music is a fun part of a reception so find a good band or a DJ to offer a great selection. You want people to get out there and dance to have a good time. You may want to offer prizes for the best dancers or have them feature so line dances so everyone can get out there and have a good time. Be very creative with your reception ideas and you will find people really like them. You don’t need to go overboard in order to offer a very nice event.