Baby Shower Ideas: Planning Help For Your Showers

Baby Shower Ideas: Planning Help For Your Showers

A baby shower is a very special event celebrating the addition of a newborn family member. This is usually done by a group of close friends of the future mother to be. Such events are mainly for gift giving which make it awkward for a family member of the mother to be to host such an event.

This can be done a month or two before the arrival of the baby or right after the baby is born.

Invitations should symbolize the birth of the future baby. One can get an invitation that has been made by a card company but for it to be special, it is best to choose the design then have it custom made.

Just like any other invitation, it should have the name of the person to be invited, when and where the event will take place, the contact number of the one hosting the event, the gender of the baby and the theme of the party.

The invitations should be given out a month to a month and half prior to the event. This will give people time to make plans for that day and pick the right gift.

Since the party has to have a theme, there are many to choose from and it all depends on the gender of the baby.

If it is a boy, an example of a good theme is a sailboat. The place can be setup with all sorts of boats both big and small. The punch bowl used for the cocktail can also have one that has a centerpiece. The most important thing for this kind of theme is the name of the baby which can be highlighted using an inner tube or any other object that will suit the occasion.

If it is a girl, an example of a good theme is a cookie. The theme is based on the poem that tells how little girls are made which usually come from sugar and spice and everything nice. It is like have a tea party with lot of cookies around as well as cooking recipes and jars with various ingredients like chocolate chip and peanuts. The name of the girl can be highlighted in the form of a giant cookie.

What if the parents have not decided on the name of the baby yet? This too can be another good idea. The baby shower can help the parents decide on the baby’s name. The place can be decorated with letters of the alphabet and games can be made to help people think of possible names.

Some parents don’t want to know the gender of the baby until the baby comes out. Others keep the guests in suspense. Another idea for a party is only letting the people the sex of the baby at the party. An ultrasound can be brought in so everyone will be able to find out all together what the baby is.

Another way to have fun is to let the guests play a Girl or Boy Quiz. The questions are designed to determine the sex of the baby.

There are other ideas and themes to make the shower a memorable occasion. It just takes some planning and little imagination to make this baby shower stand out over others that people have gone to.

The host can do alone, plan it with other friends or get a professional to help out.