Fully Customizable Registration Forms

Fully Customizable Registration Forms

Online registration can take the hassle of event registrations by saving you the time of manually completing each step of the process. Online registration systems offer ready-made forms that – especially when customizable – can make the registration processing easier and more comfortable for both you and you registrants.

A lot of systems give you limited flexibility. You get their look and feel with any number of data fields for customization and that’s all. This can really limit your ability to create a seamless experience for your registrants from your website and marketing materials to the registration experience.

Therefore, I recommend choosing a system that gives you full control over the look and feel as well as the information you capture during registration.

You see, every event is different: maybe you need critical information that’s unique to the people attending your event, or maybe you need to collect different information from different types of registrants such as attendees and exhibitors. This type of information is easy to gather when you have full control over your online registration forms, and it’s even easier when it’s a “point and click” process that takes no time at all to master.

Many systems available give you full control over your registration forms. You can collect as much or as little information as you like, guide your registrants to their specific registration type, and change the background to match the look and feel of your web site.

Various pricing options such as variable pricing based on attendee type, discount codes, and early-bird pricing can make registration easier for both you and your registrants, encouraging a higher number of registrations. Make sure to choose an online registration system that will easily charge different rates for vendors versus regular attendees and will automatically accept discount codes and time-associated pricing based on your settings and deadlines.

While specific pricing plans will make registration easier, picking your colors and adding you company logo to your registration website makes your registrants feel comfortable by creating a consistent look-and-feel that carries over from your web site to your order form.

It is even better when you can use all of these options with just a few clicks of the mouse.

To make event planning easier for both you and your registrants, choose an online registration system that will not only remove the hassle of paperwork but will also be fully customizable to the specifications of your unique event.