Get Rid Of Those Pre-Webinar Blues

Get Rid Of Those Pre-Webinar Blues

All stressed out for the next webinar for a new product launch? Relax. You just need a few tricks to get your work done without the tension that a frazzled wedding planner undergoes.

101 Details To Look Into

If preparing for a big event is not your specialty, you have to prepare yourself for the big picture. The big picture includes thousands of minute details you never thought are essential to a successful seminar, or webinar, in this case. The moment the product goes into the drawing board, it’s full steam ahead for the different teams.

Map out the schedule of the activity. This schedule should consider all the preparation that goes into the main event, from planning the advertising campaign to the moment the webinar ends. The preliminary schedule of the product launch is already decided at this point. The advertising teams scuttle to work out different strategies. The training people are also up to their neck in work designing training programs. And the finance people are adding up sums to determine the entire budget for the project launch.

First Things First

Preparing for a product launch can get your ulcers acting up. But if you take stock of the things to do and prioritize these according to urgency, you’ll find that planning for a virtual event on a grand scale is not as easy as it actually sounds. The first thing to do? Get people signed up and follow up on the confirmation of their attendance.

Don’t expect 100% attendance. This is highly improbable. So this responsibility is yours and of the advertising team. You’ll have to do late night brainstorming sessions to come up with new tactics to get at least 70% to show up.

Inform and Entice

You’ll have to think of a strategy to entice people to sign up for the webinar, free or not. This will mean that your team will have to produce more information material about the product. Without that information, a targeted audience may feel that attending a virtual seminar is a waste of time.

So how can these busy people join the activity? Make registration accessible to all. You can put a website just for the event, or simply add a registration section on the company’s website. When they sign up, it is because they are interested to know more about the product. This means that advance support material should be made available at this point.

You should be able to inform the audience what the whole product is about and already make an offer for them if they attend the activity. When you send out the invitations, people should be able to know the advantage of joining the online action. Perhaps you could give away ebooks or other freebies they will appreciate.

Get the best speakers, or the people who have a vast experience in this particular activity. Brief them about the entire program and update them on the schedule of the preliminary test runs. Make everything convenient for them. You don’t want a speaker to back out at the last moment. That would be the biggest disaster. Overall, the best thing to do to get rid of pre-webinar blues is to run your preparations on schedule and great teamwork.