Keeping Your Business Event Entertainment Clean, Not Obscene

´╗┐Keeping Your Business Event Entertainment Clean, Not Obscene

When John Hakel decided to hire a comedian for one of his company’s events, he knew that hiring the right comic would be no laughing matter. As the Director of the Association of General Contractors of California, Hakel plans dozens of events each year and he had heard of other planners who got blindsided when the hired comic’s jokes quickly went from funny to filthy. “My job security depends on making our association members happy at these events,” says Hakel, “not upsetting them with crude, racially insensitive or sexually explicit humor.”
With issues like workplace sexual harassment and political correctness so prevalent these days, HR directors, event planners, office managers, and other program coordinators are anxious to ensure that the hired talent for a business or social event will entertain without offending.
Hakel avoided that embarrassment and kept his job by working with a company like In fact, since the original booking, Hakel has hired performers from “Clean Comedians” for more than 30 separate events. “Every time I have hired a Clean Comedians performer, my audience has loved it. It’s great to get hilarious comedy — and never having to worry about offending any guests.” is an entertainment production company that represents more than 100 entertainers nationwide including; stand-up comedians, comic-magicians, jugglers and variety acts that get big laughs without offending audiences. “It doesn’t have to be filthy to be funny,” says President Adam Christing. “Many of our best customers come to us because they got burnt hiring a raunchy comedian from a club the previous year.” And according to Christing, “clean is green” — because business is booming. Brian Tracy, one of the nation’s leading business authorities, believes that Christing’s company is filling a vital need: “We use them over and over to provide comedians who are funny, positive, motivational, and clean. Our events are attended by many people who like to laugh, but do not enjoy off-color jokes or language.”
The company is so confident that their funny men and women will entertain without embarrassing, they offer a money-back guarantee to event coordinators. The Clean Comedians website allows program planners to preview funny video clips for free and even offers an easy event planning form to help make the occasion a success.
For tips and details on how to plan a fun “clean” corporate event, fundraiser or holiday go to: or call 714-670-1929.