OTC Genisys

OTC Genisys

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The OTC Genisys is one of the latest and most advanced scan tools on the market, and features all the advanced is essential for any workshop that deals with vehicles from a lot of different manufacturers. Designed with mechanics in mind, the OTC has been created to make scanning modern engines as straightforward as possible, and features many time saving advances to improve efficiency in all areas of the process.

With the latest software installed on the OTC Genisys, it boots up in just 10 seconds, meaning that rather than wasting time waiting for the scanner to be ready to use, you can get to work straight away and get the job done.

Most major auto manufacturers are now supported directly on the built in software on the OTC Genisys, so you can use the tool confidently to diagnose engine management software on GM, Chrysler, Ford, Jeep, and Saturn, and thanks to the flexibility of the system, you can now install the appropriate software packs to scan engine systems on most major European and Japanese models too.

Easy to use, and hard wearing, the OTC Genisys takes just a few minutes to set up initially, and then will provide years of functionality. The tool can be easily updated with new cars throughout its lifespan, and connects easily to your PC via a USB cable, or alternatively can be updated with a flash card.

Automotive scan tools are essential in keeping a car in the best possible running condition, and with the current concerns about the climate impact of vehicles, making sure that they are running as well as possible is even more important than ever. One of the biggest concerns that people have about cars is the emissions that they produce. One of the main functions of the OTC Genisys is in assessing exhaust gases to ensure that they are as clean as possible. The better the engine is running in terms of its efficiency in burning fuels, the cleaner the exhaust gases will be.

With a scan tool like the OTC Genisys, it is possible to quickly diagnose what the problem with a malfunctioning car is, so as a mechanic you are able to spend more time fixing the problem rather than scratching your head and trying to figure out what the root of the issue is.

With everything you need to streamline the diagnosis procedure, from its quick boot times, through easy one key access to the most popular functions, and access to all the codes you need, the OTC Genisys is intended to boost all aspects of your workflow and straighten out any problems.

OTC is one of the leading automotive tool manufacturers in the world, and is renowned for the high quality of workmanship that they apply to the equipment that they supply. Tools like the OTC Genisys, the Robinair, and the Leak Tamer are amongst the best equipment available for any workshop, and mechanics across the USA have put their trust in them for years.

With System 2.0 pre installed on the OTC Genisys, and its full coverage of the Global OBD II Scan tool Mode available on demand, this tool is immediately everything that you need to get started, get finished and get it right first time thanks to the most efficient diagnosis tools available anywhere.

For any mechanic who wants to spend their time fixing problems with cars, and who wants to enjoy satisfaction from their work with none of the frustration that comes from being unable to drill down to the main cause, OTC tools like the OTC Genisys are ideal. They are designed and builtwith the mechanic in mind. From their easy to use functionality, and reliability to the hard wearing construction that makes them so well suited to a rough environment, the OTC Genisys is truly the next generation information system.