Right Words for a Baby Shower

Right Words for a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a prelude to miracle which is the birth of a newborn baby. It is this occasion where friends, family and other people who know the parents to be, are gathered together to give gifts and make this occasion memorable to everyone present.

This baby shower usually happens a month or 2 in advance and making the right invitation can be just as challenging as planning the entire event.

There are many ideas and themes one can think of to make the invitation a good preview of what is to come during the baby shower itself. The important thing is that the invitation should set the mood for the occasion and with the proper planning and a little imagination with friends or professionals, it will surely make this baby shower stand out over others that people have gone to.

The one who will host this event is usually a very close friend of future mother. That person can start by talking to the mother and other members of the family what kind of theme will be appropriate for the party.

The proper words should express the love and anticipation that the future mother has for the newborn baby. The host must do it by putting oneself in the shoes of the mother. If that person has had children in the past, it will be quite easy to relate to that situation. If this person has not had any children yet, then it is best to ask the help of those who have so that person can help empathize what the future mother is experiencing.

Just like any other invitation, it should have the name of the person to be invited, when and where the event will take place, the contact number of the one hosting the event, the gender of the baby and the theme of the party.

If the newborn baby is a boy, a good example for a theme is a sailboat. The invitation can be shaped into a little sailboat then on the inside; it can start off with the “row the boat” nursery rhyme before inviting the people to the shower party.

On the other hand, if it is a girl, an example of a good theme is a cookie. The theme is based on the poem that tells how little girls are made which usually come from sugar and spice and everything nice.

If during the discussion with the future mother one has learned that the sex of the baby is to be kept a secret until the shower party itself; one can make an invitation with a cute drawing of a baby wrapped inside a blanket carried by a stork. This should keep everyone guessing and make the party a fun one.

A challenging invitation is when the parents have not decided on the name of the baby yet. One can make an invitation that has various letters of the alphabet that will give people an idea that this occasion is to help out decide on the baby’s name.

There are other ideas and themes to make the shower a memorable occasion. It just takes some planning and little imagination to make this baby shower stand out over others that people have gone to.

The host can do alone, plan it with other friends or get a professional to help out.