Stress-Free Party Planning

´╗┐Stress-Free Party Planning

It’s a fact, many of us feel immediately stressed and harassed at the thought of having to organize a party or special dinner.
We spend hours trying to make everything perfect, preparing the most elaborate dishes, struggling over fiddly, expensive decorations, spending more money that we can afford to impress our guests…
And then the outcome is we are too tired, stressed-out and worried about things going wrong to actually enjoy the event and the company of our friends, relatives and colleagues.
Wouldn’t you like to be that host or hostess at a party who seems to sail through everything effortlessly, remains calm, never looks stressed, and always provides wonderful food, good conversation and a relaxed atmosphere?
In “101 Best Party Recipes,” Edith M Barber writes that one of the keys to a successful party is that the hosts enjoy the event. This makes a lot of sense; after all, if your guests sense you are feeling hassled their enjoyment will be lessened.
Here are just a few simple rules to ensure your party is a success without the stress:
plan your event well in advance
attempt only what can be carried out successfully and with apparent ease
be realistic about your skills
ensure that your time at the party is not occupied by long spells in the kitchen
never be afraid to ask for help. Use the skills of those around you
keep notes
always look for the easy way to achieve something
above all, keep things simple!
Follow these guidelines and you will be well on your way to becoming a successful party host.