WeddingTrix: The Affiliate Honeymoon

WeddingTrix: The Affiliate Honeymoon

One of the most robust sales markets today is weddings. When you are showing your love for your future spouse, you’re more willing to go all-out, to make it the memorable party of a lifetime. Entire industries are built around weddings. And brides need guidance from someone who won’t try to control the wedding.

Do you have a site catering to brides and their families? For instance, do you run a great:

• Wedding site?
• Romance site?
• Dating site?
• Event planning site?

If you do, then you know how much women and their families are ready to spend on that event of a lifetime, and how hard it is to get truly good advice for having a beautiful and stress-free wedding.

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit: Advice Not From Your Mother

We’d like you to consider advertising The Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit on your site. Our wedding planner is designed to be easy for busy brides to use. It’s filled with checklists, money-saving tips, information about how to hire wedding vendors like photographers, timelines, and many other tools. The Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit includes:

• An ebook written in a simple, matter-of-fact way with easy-to-digest information about planning a wedding
• A complementary workbook with checklists, forms, printable detail sheets to give photographers, and lots of room for notes about venues, catering, and other important details
• An electronic spreadsheet in Excel format with all the forms from the workbook, including several with formulas built in to make calculations easier: budgeting, RSVP count, etc.

Besides this, offers those who buy the Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit:

• Full access to their website, with places to ask experts questions, to interact with other nervous brides, and to find more ideas.
• A tip a day for a year, emailed directly to the customer.
• Free updates whenever we make them to the Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit.

We cover topics like:

• How to choose a photographer and then get the best possible pictures without micromanaging
• How to get friends and family to help you out – without taking over the ceremony
• How to work with the best possible wedding planner
• How to pay for your wedding
• How to have a stress-free honeymoon
• How to be prepared for those little emergencies

We focused on finding the information that the bride really needed, and then put it together in the most easy-to-use and streamlined format we could devise. It’s perfect for first-time brides because it leads them through some of the toughest pitfalls in their wedding planning, and it’s great for second-time brides as well because it helps them see where they can improve on their first ceremony. It can even be used as a guide for a vows renewal and second honeymoon!

Compared to other wedding planning packages available online, we think the Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit is a good deal at $24.95. And we’re offering our affiliate referrers 75% at because of this. This means that for every referral from you who buys the Toolkit, you’ll receive $18.71!

And all it costs you is a little real estate on your website…..